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Please note that the Temporary (Construction) Traffic Control section of the General Notes has been updated.

To maintain street approach access, a temporary HMA ramp may be required as directed by the engineer.

-- Adam RCOC is now moving towards electronic bidding on locally let projects. When you are downloading these files for your project I recommend that you always RIGHT click and save target/link as...

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Please note that I only send this type of email when there are significant changes to the site.

This Spec used to be called "Removing Trees and Stumps." This spec only has to do with Wood Disposal Licenses and Merchantable Timber.

If your project is removing any trees of any size this FUSP must be included.

I will be the first to admit that this feature and the site in general is rough around the edges but nonetheless its effective, I hope this helps!

-- Andy Do not use on Local Let Projects, use RCOC12PCL. Added paragraph under section Traffic Signal Work: General.

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