Xbox updating slow

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With improved graphics and a fascinating sci-fi world to explore, Outcast is a huge game – but some of its elements are badly in need of updating.

See on the Xbox Store See on Steam Outcast: Second Contact begins with a fully-voiced animated comic-style introduction that replaces the CG original.

Outcast: Second Contact is still a great game, but you'll have to tolerate some dated elements to enjoy it fully.Once Cutter has earned enough reputation, the natives will divulge the location of sacred objects needed to get back home. He can't climb most hills, which forces the player to navigate around and find steps to climb.While Outcast's simple mouse-based controls have been updated for modern consoles, they haven't been updated as much as you'd expect. These issues should have been fixed when reviving the game for modern audiences.Thankfully, once protagonist Cutter Slade (ugh) travels through the government's secret portal to the alien world of Adelpha, the story switches to in-game cinematics with animated mouths.The characters don't emote much or look at each other, but it's still passable in an Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion kind of way.

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