Xbox 360 keeps updating black women dating abc

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- Exactly when and where are you experiencing the issue -- at the title screen, in a certain area, after a certain amount of playtime, etc.?

Seeing as you're looking at this article, you probably already did this step.

We recently identified an issue related to Badass Token distribution that could lead to freezing behavior.

A permanent solution will be available in a future update, but for the time being we recommend the following workaround: - Check your Badass Rank Bonus Stats by opening the Challenges tab within the Character Menu.- If four stats are significantly lower than the others, accumulate / spend Badass Tokens to even out your stat distribution.- If you need additional Badass Tokens to help even our your stats, let us know how many Badass Tokens you currently have and we'll do what we can to help you out there.

Please ensure you have the latest update ( by launching Borderlands 2 while connected to Xbox LIVE.

You will be prompted to install the update if you do not already have the latest version.

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