Xbmc recently added not updating

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You can check there how to distinguish one version from another based on lsusb output.

I have had 3 of them: somagic, utv007 (Fushicai) and STK1160.

In order to create ambilight effect for any video signal, the key thing is to buy the right video grabber. Installation and testing of the grabber consists of several steps: 0) you need to have specific version of Raspbian in order to install and use video grabbers. 1) configure raspbian by extending the partitions (through raspi-config) 2) install the driver 3) install mplayer Before we go to installation steps few words about the hardware…

When you see that someone installed “easycap” grabber you may suspect that when you buy one you will have the setup that is ready to use. For utv007 the one from 2013-07-26 worked the best. Easycap usb grabber comes with (at least) 4 different chipsets – these types are very well described on this web site .

Position behavior of ass subtitiles when setting "subtitle position on screen" set to "fixed".

True to show at the fixed position set in video calibration. Commercial break detection not as good you think it could be?

The following page will describe the structure of the file and the various individual settings.

Note: If debugging is switched on in the GUI when Kodi is shut down, then it will be automatically be re-enabled at level 2 when it is re-started.

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Fallbacks are process in order, if the first fallback doesn't match any refreshrate, it will try the next one until no fallbacks are left.

STK1160 STK1160 worked (almost) out of the box, BUT i had significant cropping of image in horizontal and vertical direction. Be patient, because downloading kernel sources takes a lot of time.

The file, which does not exist by default, can be created by a user in their userdata folder.

This is true even if 'hide' is subsequently set to 'true' - in other words, if you enable it in the GUI and then hide the GUI toggle, it will stay on level 2 irrespective of what you subsequently set in To make it easier for developers using the JSON RPC API in their (third party) applications to debug during development the json output of Kodi can be prettified by setting compactoutput to false.

Default json output mode is a compact print which does not contain any unnecessary whitespaces and therefore is difficult to read for humans.

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