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From a physical standpoint you not only make me feel beautiful with your artistry but you make me feel beautiful inside. I know, because she's helped me so much to let out the woman trapped inside my male body. You made me feel very relaxed and natural even though I was stunned with awe at your work.For over 40 years I have had these feelings and I am finally able to showcase them in public and not behind close doors. I'm not going to become a full-time woman, but I love being able to dress up as a woman from time to time. I didn't feel at all self-conscious or awkward but enjoyed the relaxed feeling you helped me achieve. I only hope that I wasn't too self-absorbed to let you know how appreciative I was at the time.

I never had a bad experience [email protected] Writes: Dearest Karen, It seems impossible that 21 months ago that I had never worn makeup nor dressed in complete feminine attire, but your skill, disarming manner and caring has let me find that small child that had been ignored for so long.The first visit to your studio included something shocking.After a long talk and the application of makeup you turned the chair towards the mirrored wall, as I sat in stunned silence, something and someone I had been unknowingly been avoiding was looking back at me.Sorry, if I sound dramatic, but it is part of my journey, to speak truth to the power of my fear, fear of what other people say or believe about me.Forever thankful and Changed, April [email protected] Writes: I booked an entire morning for my first makeover with Karen. We sat and chatted for a while at the beginning and it felt like we had known each other for a long time. I explained that I was searching for a "look" that would fit my fem personality.

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