Why dating is so hard

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In the Victorian era, people understood that they had little time left to live a life, and they confronted and talked about mortality, operations and medicine as people around them died.

Now the lifespan has increased, people don't talk about it." Gradually, world events since the end of the Victorian reign have made death even harder to talk about, he explains.

Still, Modi, an Indian-born Hindu, is (to me) describing somewhat of a spiritual journey that I must go on if I am to truly practice what he preaches.” and put together some of the best answers that explain what makes the CEO job so challenging."CEO is a thankless job, there are more scars than trophies.The CEO should try to never be a bottleneck for decisions.This frees up the CEO’s time to focus on the most important decisions (and has the added benefit of growing people in the organization because of the trust that’s put on them)." — Auren Hoffman I don't mean getting the job in the first place, though that is hard in itself.

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