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The previous month, bulldozers razed the home of John and Jan Brooks, a British couple who lived in the nearby village of Cantoria.

Others pay £100 a month for water delivered by truck.‘We find our situation so stressful that a lot of us probably drink too much as a way of making things more bearable,’ says another woman who, like many, didn’t want to give her name because of fear of reprisals.

Bill, 66, a former navy officer-turned-farmer, enjoyed the open air and rugged scenery of the south of the country; Sandra, 64, a former secretary, adored the relaxed lifestyle and the local food.

On a holiday in Almeria, the couple saw an advert for a group of villas being built on the outskirts of the town of Albox.

We can only hope whoever judges our case realises we bought it in good faith and have nowhere else to go.’In the neighbouring village of Zurgena, the impact of Spain’s topsy-turvy laws can be seen even more clearly.

Wild countryside that was once the backdrop for spaghetti westerns has now been transformed into a concrete jungle because the regional government ordered construction to stop.

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