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John and Helen Kay sound like enormous fun: a passionate, engaged, unconventional and inspirational couple.

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Jackie Kay strikes me as a woman who laughs a lot, but I’m aware that it has taken her six years to find such easy humour in the first, “traumatic” meeting with her Nigerian birth father.

After all, she writes in her new memoir Red Dust Road: “I am only alone in the way that everybody is alone. When I was writing a play about the mines [Twilight Shaft, 1993] I went down a pit and crawled along the coal face.” For Kay, tracing her birth parents meant unpicking the rich and lovingly embroidered romantic fiction her mother had constructed about the nurse from the Highlands of Scotland who had met a handsome Nigerian (maybe an African chief!

And yet it seems that the bundle of child that is wrapped up in the ghostly shawl of adoption does have another layer of aloneness wrapped up in there.” In Kay’s case, that extra layer of aloneness was made conspicuous by her colour. But we tend to return to things, we try to puzzle the meaning of them. ) and fallen “madly in love” at a dance in Aberdeen.

How many hours into such an encounter would you have picked it up and knocked it back?

Kay – born in Scotland in 1961 – was adopted as a baby by a couple of white, Glaswegian communists who threw the kind of parties where everybody ended up singing Cole Porter and Rabbie Burns songs.

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