Who is haley williams dating

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Julie moved into Doug's guest room, and eventually began to rebuild her relationship with her son David.However David's girlfriend Brooke grew jealous of their relationships and began spreading lies that Julie was pregnant with Doug's child and not Bob's.

In 1976 Julie divorced Bob Anderson and reunited with Doug and they became engaged.In 1977 Doug fell on hard times when he lost his liquor license and eventually the club.Julie bought back the club and turned it into Doug's Coffee House, but Doug was forced to leave Salem for awhile to take care of business elsewhere.Julie would stay married to Scott Banning and continue to see Doug, but in 1972 Julie began legal preparations to divorce Scott.In 1972 Julie and Doug planned a getaway to Portofino, but the night they were to leave they had a fight over whether not Julie would bring her son David with her.

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