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She and her dance moves inspired the duo to write the song.

He knew that songwriters frequently wrote songs to celebrate the birth of a child, such as David Byrne of the Talking Heads (“Stay Up Late,” on the [The guys in the band] instinctively know that as soon as junior arrives on the scene, the next thing that’s going to come is a song about junior. It didn’t help that most of the words were in Spanish.My wife and I were expecting our first kid very soon after I wrote that song. The dance was mostly arm movements and required little lower body coordination, making it possible for tots, centenarians, and everyone in between to participate.I had birth on the brain, I was struck by what a funny pun it was to be bounced from the womb.” Wilson’s wife was pregnant with a girl, Coco. It could even be performed sitting down, which made it possible to “dance” even if a person were inebriated, shoehorned into a stadium seat, or on a canting cruise ship dance floor.We’ve all sat around listening to the lyrics of our favorite songs, trying to make sense of them. For more than a decade, everyone—including most Semisonic members—thought the Grammy-winning “Closing Time” was about a bar’s last call.Often, the song’s meaning eludes us, but other times, we get what the songwriter was trying to say . In fact, after the song was released in 1998, it became a mainstay of bars around the world as a signal to its customers they were about to be booted to the street.

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