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August Richards (Charles Gunn), Amy Acker (Winifred Burkle/Illyria), Chad Lindberg (David Kirby), James Mac Donald (Paul Stein), Lilli Birdsell (Sharon Reichler), Derek Hughes (Neil), Denney Pierce (Vic (Kailiff Demon)), Ravil Isyanov (Unidentified Monk of Dagon), Brian Tee (Unidentified medical intern (Family)), Brendan Wayne (Mike (Happy Anniversary)), Jarrod Crawford (Rondell), Stephanie Nash (Mrs.Kramer), Alan Heitz (Slook), Glenn Morshower (Phillip Newton), Christopher Gehrman (Rudy) and Joel Polis (Franklin) in the tv-show "Agents of Shield" ; Jack Conley (Gib Cain/Sahjhan), Denney Pierce (Vic (Kailiff Demon)), Leonard Roberts (Forrest Gates), Ken Marino (Wilson Christopher), Steven Hack (Lionel) and Casey Sander (Anthony Harris) in "Agent Carter" ; Thomas Kopache (old Denver) in "Jessica Jones" ; Michael Maize (Artode) in Iron Fist; James Marsters (Spike), Angel Parker (Veronica), Brigid Branagh (Virginia Bryce), Kevin Weisman (Dreg), Brittany Ishibashi (Vivian), Annie Wershing (Margaret) in the upcoming "Runaways" In 2013, Denisof portray an regular antagonist, the Prince Viktor on Grimm, created by David Greenwalt.Denisof was among 200 actors considered for the role of James Bond for Casino Royale, but lost out to Daniel Craig.

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Eventually he fell under Hannigan's spell and the two eventually married in 2003.

Denisof appeared with Sean Bean in three episodes of Sharpe as Lord John Rossendale.

He has done many stage productions, including one with Anthony Stewart Head, who played Wesley's predecessor Rupert Giles on Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Denisof's character was first introduced in Buffy the Vampire Slayer season three as Buffy's replacement Watcher.

He later showed up in episode 10 of season one of Angel, and was an official main character from episode 11 (effectively replacing Doyle), appearing in 100 out of the 110 episodes of the series.

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