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These kinds of communities have homes all over the internet — like Reddit and Facebook — but one service that kept popping up in conversations with over Skype that her Discord was a small, family-like setting for her friends — almost all of which identify as LGBTQ."I don't really play much competitive anymore because I don't really like where the competitive community is going right now — it's too toxic for my tastes — but I started talking to people I had known on Tumblr for awhile and they told their friends and their friends told their friends and now I have this nice little Discord server," Lauren said."We've got about 31 people — so it's getting a bit crowded — but I think just about everyone on there identifies as not straight, at the very least.Much of the conversation was surprisingly civil and empathetic, but it incited a lot of backlash, too.Neutrondamage told via Reddit private message that once the thread picked up steam, she started receiving messages on Blizzard online service "asking [her] for blowjobs," and she received a flood of notifications in her Reddit inbox from other users calling her a whore and a slut and telling her to kill herself.Delahoy pushing the man on a swing set, per his request, while opening up to someone for the first time about his own health and the fear that brings him was very well done – and while it may have been predictable, the man actually dying in the midst of this was surprisingly touching.I also liked Casey's turn into an actual relationship with Miles.

Delahoy found the "zombie", who he and Banks realized was visiting places from his youth.Pronounced dead minutes before his disappearance, and lumbering around with a crazed look in his eyes, he was dubbed a zombie by Banks and others – a funny idea, but one that never really worked or had strong enough jokes to sustain it.More interesting was how this affected Delahoy, who obviously had to face his own fears when dealing with a man with a tumor.If Walsh is too prideful to accept help, fine, but it has to be talked about first, yet Casey seemed to drop the subject too quickly.Delahoy and Banks in the meantime were searching for a man with an inoperable tumor who had wandered away from his hospital room.

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