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It was never used as a shelter, instead becoming the secret telephone exchange in 1954.

Eisenhower and Khrushchev’s hotline ran through it; the place was staffed at full power and in lockdown throughout the Cuban missile crisis.

Garrett was one of 10 who were charged, eight months later, with troublingly vague offences.

“The law in England is that trespass is not a criminal offence unless someone asks you to leave their property and you refuse,” he says.

“We’ve got various tactics for sneaking into places,” he says.

Although he’s unwilling to reveal them, he says that “sometimes it’s best to be really ninja about it, come at 2am, sneak in, make sure you’re not seen.

They approached his seat, grabbed his arms, led him through passport control in handcuffs and locked him in a cell.

Europe has been a place of battles and political intrigue for centuries.

“At the bottom of that is what was a secret telephone exchange.

All of the old switchboards are still in there.” He pauses.

“There are tunnel systems that connect buildings of power in the city.

And we know where those tunnels are.” For Garrett and his kind, the point of all this goes beyond simple boyish fun.

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