Updating airline technology

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We prepare a wide assortment of impeccable in-flight meals in compliance with our Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) system, which helps us secure the quality and integrity of our food against health risks.

From the beginning of the production process to its delivery onboard the aircraft, our food is monitored to prevent possible allergenic or chemical hazards.

We are always eager to assist our clients in organizing their cargo transportation.

Silk Way West has extensive experience in areas not serviced by other airlines, such as Afghanistan and Iraq, in addition to regular flights on intercontinental routes that extend throughout Asia and Europe from our centrally located hub in Baku.

Sky Catering is just one way that Silk Way Holding continues to provide the highest quality for its customers, at every stage of service CONTACT Sky Catering ensures the comfort of your flight by serving only the highest-quality meals.

We have built our reputation on constantly striving to improve our dining services, employee professionalism, and production techniques.

The airline is in the process of updating its remaining fleet with the technology.We provide planes for personal and business travel worldwide - whether it’s for an urgent meeting or recreation.In addition to leasing air jets, SW Business Aviation also engages in the organization of flights by designing routes at the request of the client, and high quality maintenance services not only aboard the aircraft but also on the ground.It also maintains a signal throughout the entire flight.From the moment you board until the time you exit the plane, travelers can have seamless Wi-Fi connectivity.

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