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Negotiators from Canada, Mexico and the United States will gather in Ottawa on Saturday for the third round of talks on modernizing the North American Free Trade Agreement with many tough items yet to be broached. Canadian officials last month suggested the country could walk away if the United States pushed to remove a key dispute-settlement mechanism. Canada is prepared to pursue a permanent settlement in softwood lumber within the North American Free Trade Agreement if the U. lumber industry keeps blocking a deal, Canada’s ambassador to the U. The preliminary anti-dumping duty is still being collected. Department of Commerce is currently scheduled to make its final determination in the CVD/AD investigations on September 6, and publicly release their findings on September 7. Canada, the world’s largest softwood-lumber exporter, affirmed its willingness to sue the U. Canada and Mexico say it’s a predictable event in the course of a trade negotiation. Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland says the outlines of a deal with the United States to resolve the softwood lumber dispute are in place.A preliminary CVD can only be collected for 120 days, and that period ended August 25. “As we said last week, trade negotiations often have moments of heated rhetoric,” said Adam Austen, a spokesman for Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland. But she can't predict whether the persistent trade irritant will be settled before negotiations begin on Aug.Canada and the United States must chop down one big, remaining impediment to a deal on softwood lumber, and this obstacle involves wood from neither country but from other places: Germany, Sweden, Chile, Brazil and Russia, according to The Canadian Press. Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross appears to have lost a power struggle to U. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer for overall management of free-trade negotiations with Canada and Mexico. In a sign that difficult talks lie ahead, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau laid down his first marker on Tuesday, saying Canada considers it “absolutely essential” that NAFTA retain a dispute-resolution mechanism, something the Trump administration wants to scrap. Lumber Coalition today commented on the Trump Administration's objectives for the renegotiation of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), including the recommendation to preserve the ability of the United States to rigorously enforce its trade laws by eliminating NAFTA's Chapter 19 dispute settlement mechanism. The Chapter 19 system is unconstitutional, unworkable in practice, and for decades has seriously undermined the enforcement of U. law against unfair trade practices by Canada and Mexico, to the detriment of U. in Washington on Wednesday to discuss softwood lumber and free trade.This irritant over distant imports is complicating the goal of a quick softwood agreement, something both North American governments say they want to achieve in order to start NAFTA talks in two weeks without a major trade irritant looming overhead. More specifically, it’s about who gets to fill the U. demand for lumber in the event of a hot construction market like the present one, when American supply falls short. British Columbia Premier John Horgan says Canada and the United States are close to reaching a softwood lumber trade deal that could come as early as next month. To read more, a subscription is required to The Globe and Mail, click here... "I argued why New Brunswick should be part of the exclusion we have enjoyed since 1982," Gallant said. Quebec's representative in the softwood lumber dispute between Canada and the United States says that dossier needs to be settled before talks begin on renegotiating the North American Free Trade Agreement. The preliminary determination in the anti-dumping duty case against Canadian lumber imports published in the Federal Register June 30.The total all-others rate drops to 20.23% from 20.83%. have fallen since the Americans imposed new duties earlier this year, but thanks to near-record wood prices the industry isn't suffering much from the political trade fight. On Wednesday, Cabinet-level officials responsible for NAFTA from all three nations said they’ll skip attending the talks for the first time and leave discussions to their negotiating teams. A letter from a Canadian lawyer was hand-delivered Tuesday to the American NAFTA secretariat in Washington, requesting a panel review "in regard to the final determination of the U. Department of Commerce in the countervailing duty investigation of softwood lumber from Canada." For more, click here... From November 12 to 17 they will meet Chinese government and business leaders in Shanghai, Nanjing and Tokyo. had a narrow window to reach a trade agreement, but negotiations couldn’t get past protectionist interests in the U. Most Canadian producers will pay total duties of 20.83% on lumber shipments to the U. This is down from the preliminary combined rates of 26.75%.

“The surging lumber prices are providing a welcome relief from the costs of the lumber duties imposed by the U. Commerce will then publish the final CVD/AD order, normally 3-5 business days after the ITC publication.

Individual AD rates are: Canfor 7.28%; Resolute 3.20%; Tolko 7.22%; and West Fraser 5.57%. Amid the latest softwood lumber dispute between Canada and the United States, EACOM Timber Corporation has invested in its Timmins sawmill and diversified its offerings.

At the United States border, Canadian softwood lumber producers are being charged tariffs. Department of Commerce levied total CVD/AD duties of 20.83% on Canadian lumber imports.

The semi-annual forecast by Export Development Canada underlines the challenges posed by the more isolationist approach to trade of U. Canfor’s AD rate was lowered to 7.28% from 8.89%, and West Fraser’s CVD rate was lowered to 17.99% from 18.19%. duties are "unfair trade actions" against the New Brunswick softwood lumber industry and Thursday announced the steps it's taking to protect the "very valued" industry that employs thousands. The federal government is launching litigation via the World Trade Organization over anti-dumping and countervailing duties the U. Department of Commerce has set on softwood lumber imports from Canada. After Round 5 of NAFTA talks ended Tuesday — only two more are scheduled — no progress has been made on divisive issues. "Next steps are dependent on market conditions, including the resolution of the softwood lumber duty issue currently facing New Brunswick." For more, click here...

The all-others rates were adjusted accordingly, and the CVD all-others rate is now 14.19% and the AD rate is now 6.04%. "While we have made progress on some of our efforts to modernize NAFTA, I remain concerned about the lack of headway," U. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer said in a statement. NAFTA talks are picking up on Wednesday mostly where they left off a month ago, with tension and animosity in the air. Forests Minister Doug Donaldson left today, November 10, on what is being billed as the “largest-ever” trade mission to China, with the hope of expanding B. Donaldson is leading a mission of 30 forest company executives to both China and Japan. That kept the American trade litigation on track for Thursday’s decision on tariffs, which Federal Minister of Foreign Affairs Chrystia Freeland promptly promised to appeal in what is now the fifth round of the long-running trade dispute. Commerce levies final CVD/AD duties of 20.83% The U. Department of Commerce announced today affirmative final determinations in the countervailing and anti-dumping duty cases.

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