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It has three floors, and each floor has 26 rooms, four sets of stairs, and a circular corridor in front of the rooms.By climbing these stairs and visit those rooms, you will find the ancient Tulou buildings' secret and Hakka people's daily life and culture.Located in Hekeng Village, Shuyang Town, this extremely extensive and impressive cluster consists of 27 earthen houses with 15 different shapes.It all distributed in the narrow strip of small rivers, like a shape of letter T, means Triones.Built in 1905 in late Qing Dynasty, Huaiyuanlou is 4-story round earth building in the height of 14.5 meters with 136 rooms. As the Fengshui master believed that right facing due south would cause bad luck. It used to be the ancestral hall as well as a private school of the family.The ridgepoles, doors and windows are decorated with beautiful carvings and exquisite paintings in the ancient style, and numerous plaques and couplets are seen everywhere; all the words on the plaques and couplets given by the predecessors are expressing the same idea that all the happiness and fortunes can only attain from hard works.Pushan Village, Meilin Town, Nanjing County Hehuilou building is the highest earthen building of Nanjing Tulou.Built in 1732 in Qing Dynasty, with an area of 1547 square meters, the five-story rectangle Heguilou is in a height of 21.5 meters. Besides the highest height, there are other three features of Heguilou.

Among all the earth buildings in this cluster, the square “Buyun Building” is the oldest, built in 1796.It was constructed like this mainly due to a mistake in measuring the building material.In spite of this apparent infirmity, this tall tulou withstood 700 years of natural elements and social turmoil.Yuchanglou's outer ring is 36 m in diameter and boasts five storeys, with 50 rooms on each floor.Each of the 25 kitchens on the ground floor at the back half of the circle has private water well beside its stove.

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