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It currently has the highest percentage of immigrants of any town in Northern Ireland.For centuries, Dungannon's fortunes were closely tied to that of the O'Neill dynasty which ruled a large part of Ulster until the 17th century. The traditional site of inauguration for 'The O'Neill', was Tullyhogue Fort, an Iron Age mound some four miles northeast of Dungannon.The Plum show hosts the Swales for the second year and the organisers have asked Wilf Buckle from Kirkby Stephen to officiate this year and he will also judge the Bluefaced Leicesters, Mules, Suffolk crosses and Butcher Lambs.The cattle classes at the Plum show are also highly competitive with local exhibitors competing in the best commercial cow and calf section and the best heifer section.The Dungannon and South Tyrone Borough Council had its headquarters in the town, though since 2015 it has been covered by Mid-Ulster District Council.For centuries, it was the 'capital' of the O'Neill dynasty, who dominated most of Ulster and built a castle on the hill.Many of its roads and housing estates are named after them.

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The South type will be judged this year by another Scotch man, Ewen Bennie, Merkins, Stirling, Scotland.After the O'Neills' defeat in the Nine Years' War, the English founded a plantation town on the site, which grew into what is now Dungannon.Dungannon has won Ulster in Bloom's Best Kept Town Award five times.There are also two parks in the eastern part of town: Dungannon Park and Windmill Park.Surrounding settlements include Moygashel (a village at the southern edge of Dungannon), Coalisland (to the northeast), Donaghmore (to the northwest), Eglish (to the south) and Castlecaulfield (to the west). Over time, the urban area has spread into the neighbouring townlands.

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