Speed dating 50 vancouver bc

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Some examples: Somehow, I mustered up the courage and went in. The group had the entire upstairs to itself, which was nice. This had me more nervous than the whole thing, I think.

I have, essentially, two outfits: Business and Casual.

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By total luck, I had one of those lint tape-roller things in my jacket pocket from when I wanted to use it on the way to a speech. And good fortune, because the lighting in the place was good enough that it would have revealed the true me — a crazy cat lady. The women had “their” tables, from which they didn’t move; the men circulated every time a glass was tinked — every eight minutes.

At the end of the night, I decided to reward myself with a little present to myself for mustering up the courage to do the night.

As I often do, I checked into my location with a location-aware app, which posted the following to my Facebook wall (right after the above status update that I’d gone speed-dating): My friends have warped senses of humour, so I felt compelled to add this, just in case they misunderstood what I was buying at a drug store: I’ll update this post if (a) one of my two matches replies, and (b) pigs are seen flying.

” That’s sort of what my brain was doing the whole time — drawing on my old skills as a radio host, I thought it might be good to have a few things to say in my back pocket in case the conversation crept to a lull.

But every time I thought of one, it went immediately to The Worst Thing Ever.

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