Slow dating guy

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No one’s talking about flying home together for the holidays or taking a road trip to some wedding.

Harsh as this is going to sound – if someone has decided after three months of dating that less of what you’ve got going on is better, that’s not a good sign. Yes, there are people who fear the progression of relationships, no matter how slow and reasonable that progression may be.

And because of this, learning to cultivate a developmental understanding to the way life unfolds in something I’ve had to consciously implement in different areas of my life).

Like, really getting, in a visceral, vivid way, that time is, y’know, a .

For all of the new-agey “time is an illusion” stuff that you might hear me spout sometimes, the nondual truth is that time both does and does not exist.

Really engaging with the linear progression of time has been especially difficult for me, as I tend to believe in magical processes and am deeply attracted to the idea of things just “working out”.

(By the way, this is very typical of my numerology life path number.

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