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Any help would be great Cheers Andrew Reply A couple of things: (1) If you are logged in to Facebook and still can’t access or see your page, that’s a problem. I was looking for this particular information for a very long time. Reply HI there, Did they change it back so that you can make your Facebook page completely public to anyone with the need to be logged in?

However, I believe you can find your page, it’s just that when you enter NGO in the search box in Facebook it doesn’t show up. One reason is that their search function isn’t great, also they are changing their search function moving to social graph and that’s going to have an effect on the results. It seems weird to me, sometimes I can see without being logged in, other times, not at all. Thanks David Reply FB is always changing how they do things.

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“Profanity Blacklist” If you have selected an option other than “none” your page will not be public. If you haven’t yet grabbed your copy of “The 13 Biggest Marketing Mistakes and How to Avoid Them” be sure to do so, it’s FREE and will help you kick-start your marketing plan! An earlier post mentioned that she had removed the 13 restriction from her page because it was acceptable for all ages. Reply A Facebook personal profile functions differently than a Facebook “page.” A page is typically for a business, brand, or organization.

It does however show up if you type in inthecove no spaces.

However most people want to put in the spaces – what have I done incorrectly in set up??

Para a linha madre uso Fluorocarbon Aspire de 0.30mm e tensos também em Aspire Fluorocarbon de 0.25mm com Anzois VMC ref:7210.

Como nesta modalidade o mais importante é a percepção dos toques, é imprescindível o uso de entrançado no carreto, neste caso eu uso o Sufix 832 em 0,20mm o que aliado à forte sensibilidade das ponteiras da cana me permitem sentir todos os toques.

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