Silverlight combobox selectedvalue not updating

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They decouple the data from the actual controls, making it very easy to switch controls or change the data sources without affecting the bindings.

Use the Data Sources Window and it will save you from writing 90% of your data binding code.

Each Item has a text description (Which appears in the list Box) and its value(numerical).

I have a Combo Box that doesn't seem to update the Selected Item/Selected Value.

The trick is setting up the data binding properly using the Binding Source.

I wrote about how to set up related lists in this post in order to get this second scenario to work with Binding Sources managing lists of objects.

Because of this I’m putting together a “how-to” video series on a variety of topics in this area.

For instance it’s handy to be able to get the current row when working on your form. Just make sure to check for Nothing because there may not be a selected row: The Binding Sources are your friends. In the second case it is necessary to create a relation between your parent and child tables. First we’ll use the Data Source Configuration Wizard to create a Data Set with Regions and Territories.In VS 2005, go to the Data menu and select “Show Data Sources” then select “Add New Data Source”.I’ve been noticing a lot of questions on the forums related to Winforms data binding and the Combo Box and I thought I’d post something up here to help people out.In fact data binding, or what we call “Windows Forms over Data” is a huge, sometimes misunderstood, topic.

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