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The best option would have been the Phalanx CIWS that had been in development since 1973 and was proven in service with the US Navy by 1980.

Phalanx is entirely automated and would almost certainly have saved the Sheffield.

We will be working closely with Middlesbrough and Sheffield United as part of our investigations.'Anyone with information that may help police are asked to call Cleveland Police on the non-emergency number 101.

Middlesbrough won the game, their first home match since relegation last season, 1-0 thanks to Rudy Gestede's first half header.

A heavy-handed piece by Ian Cobain in the Guardian heaps blame on the ship’s operations team and implies results of the inquiry were subject to a sinister cover up .

Mr Cobain’s article is reasonably well researched but the bare facts need to be seen in their full context before making accusations.

It's terrifying for children to witness such violence, or be innocently embroiled in it as their parents frantically try to keep them safe.

The only other potential defence against Exocet was the chaff launcher which fired clouds of aluminium strips that create false radar echoes to lure the missile away from the ship.Although the sea-skimming missile threat was well understood and the RN possessed their own ship-launched Exocets, the entire Royal Navy fleet of the time lacked effective Close In Weapons Systems (CIWS).(The only exception were the new Type 22 frigates armed with very effective Sea Wolf).Police and stewards attempted to keep order, however fans as young as 10 years old were said to have been caught up in the incidents.A police statement also said an officer had to be taken to hospital with their injuries suffered during the clashes.

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