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Or a same-sex couple is crowned king and queen by their peers. Dawn found them somewhat subdued and back at the school for breakfast.But back in the day — specifically, back in 1958 — students at an Ohio high school simply had to stay awake in order to get their names and faces in the June 9, 1958, issue of LIFE magazine. Sent home for a short rest period, they emerged refreshed and descended on an amusement park.A college student who gets arrested for public indecency after drunkenly flashing a stranger similarly may face the consequences of being labeled a sex offender.These people most likely pose no danger to the community, yet they face the employment issues of a sex offender label for years after their mistake, not to mention the logistical issues regarding housing and interaction with children and social stigma associated with such a label.Judges are beginning to reassess the fairness of how such laws affect those who have since paid their debts to society.

For example, teens sexting other teens can be arrested for possession of child pornography and be labeled for the formative years of their lives.At the time, the two were dating, and criminal psychologists have confirmed that the defendant is “not a sex offender” and unlikely to re-offend, which has led the defendant to argue that the sex offender registration requirements are cruel and unusual punishment.If this sentence is overturned, Ohio may allow for judges to take the facts of individual cases into consideration before handing down terrible sex offender labels that can ruin a person’s life.What are the key ingredients to a happy, healthy marriage?Whether you're dating, engaged, or happily married, this event will open your eyes to new and practical ways you can strengthen and enrich your relationship.

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