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Many local herpes groups function as both a Herpes Support Group and a Herpes Social Group.

There are also many “secret” (hidden) herpes Facebook groups that have hundreds or thousands of members, but cannot be found by doing a search and require knowing the right person who can “add” you.

The toddler's reaction came as she and her father, Murdock Smith, visited her mother, Cynthia Smith, in hospital in Massachusetts.

The youngster, who was wearing a t-shirt saying 'Olivia's big sister', held her hand to her heart and kissed her tiny sister after excitedly handing over a toy cow as a present for her.

– Use this new email address and username *exclusively* for your herpes-related online activities.

Do NOT share this email address with any of your non-herpes friends.

Unless you are logged in to Facebook first, the link below will not work.

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To join National HELP, the secret Facebook herpes support group, please follow these directions: – Log in to Facebook first!

View the list below, then follow the instructions to join your local herpes group.

********** Herpes Privacy Tips Most of us are concerned about privacy online and do not want our sensitive, personal information to be seen by the rest of the world.

– Send Jo Ann a “friend request.” But you’re not done yet!

Don’t forget to do the step below or else Jo Ann will not know why you sent her a friend request!

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