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I have a friend with a prescription of 4.25 but her high index lenses look no thicker than my standard index 2.00 and her eyes are only a little more magnified.

In fanatasy stories it seems to be 4.00, but that hasn't been my experience in real life. David , Hey Colin, So my dad's ex uk military so I moved around a lot, wasn't back in UK until 6-7 years old.

The distance is usually the critical factor in needing vision correction and the amount of external correction needed is about 0.3 mm per diopter of correction. Weirdeyes , Neville Im kind of interested in doing some high plus GOC for a Halloween costume. My friend about to retire from his optician business has continued to help. , Yesterday i wore my -12 superlenti Ray Bans and one girl asked me why i wear glasses without corrective lenses..that girl so silly or -12 superlenti looks like plans? Maybe, lenti looks "strange" and people think that are just fashionable lenses..

I already wear plus glasses, but my rx is too asymmetrical which annoys me. Neville , As a kid I had bad eyesight but during my teens my Rx for hyperopia got less. At uni in the late 60s early 70s I missed thick lenses but coincidentally became good friends with a trainee optician. I has cataracts removed ten years ago and after a battle with the doctor had no IOLs fitted. I only recently found this site and would love to hear from anyone who enjoys wearing or seeing others in thick plus lenses. Too much weird looks at my glasses, its like they've never seen lenti before Groot , Plus Tony I think my glasses do look pretty strong from the side. They also create a strong halo that gives them a coke bottle effect even when I pay for thin lenses.

I don't know what prescription they were but I don't think it has changed very much over the years.

I was at school in the 60's and had round NHS kids glasses with the curl sides.

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