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With state-of-the-art technology, the newly released Large Wheel Loader Simulator System creates a realistic training experience that helps build a highly-skilled workforce. Energy can be obtained by posting a photo on Boyfriend Maker's Facebook page, or it can be purchased.

If you're a loner, you get to choose your name, and pretty much just hunt for food and build your nest.

Choose whether you'll be a Clan cat, kittypet, loner, or live in a rogue band.

As a Clan cat, choose the first part of your Clan's name.

Or instead, play as a loner, kittypet, or live in a rogue band. Next, click ' Play' or ' Tutorial' depending on if you're new or not.

See where your destiny leads, create friends, get a mate, and have kits! (Note: For beginners, tutorial is reccommended, even if you read Warriors.) Lets say you clicked Play.

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