Server side form validating numbers

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The main aim of this website to is provide php , jquery , mysql , phpoops and other web development tutorials.Using Form Validation, you can validate the wizard-like interfaces such as tabs, collapsible panels, accordions.And since somebody embossed the slogan “Time is money!”, this should be very important for your web site! There are two types of validation; client side and server side.And that can be very tricky, because some users turn off Java Script support in their browsers before they even come to your site.If you encounter of one those users, client side validation won’t help you much if you try to verify data from a form because your Java Script code will not be executed or interpreted by the browser, means you are back to square 1.

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Now that you know the differences between client side and server side validation, you might ask, “Why use client side validation at all?Just to get a prettier layout, we’ll put it inside a single col, inside a single row, inside a single container.Each of these elements have classes that position them nicely.Let’s look at how to build our own form validation using so it behaves the same in all modern browsers.We want to build a form with two inputs: Our form will go in the content area.

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