Self consolidating concrete test set

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BUTT-WELDED SPLICE—Reinforcing bar splice made by welding the butted ends. CANTILEVER BEAM—Beam which extends beyond the supports in an overhanging position with the extended end unsupported. CARBON-STEEL REINFORCING BARS—Reinforcing bars rolled from steel billets in contrast to rail or axle steel.CAISSONS—Piers usually extending through water or soft soil to solid earth or rock. CAT-HEAD—A light frame and a sheave at the top of a material tower through which the lifting cable is operated.BILLET—Piece of semi-finished steel, nearly square in section, formed by hot-rolling an ingot or bloom, from which reinforcing bars are rolled.BOLT CUTTER—A tool used to cut reinforcing bars on the job-site.As the electrode melts, it supplies weld material which fuses the pieces of steel together.ARCHITECT—A person or firm who prepares the architectural drawings that determine the design and form of buildings.

BEAM BOLSTER—Continuous bar support used to support the reinforcing bars in the bottom of beams.

The wall heights may be variable in order to provide an arched bottom slab.

BRACKET—An overhanging member projecting from a wall, column, girder, or beam to support the weight of a structural member.

BEAM BOLSTER UPPER—Continuous bar support for the upper layer of bottom reinforcing bars in beams and top reinforcing bars in bridge deck slabs.

BEAM SCHEDULE—Table on a placing drawing giving the quantity, size and mark number of beams; the quantity, size, length and mark numbers of reinforcing bars and stirrups (including stirrup spacing), and, where specified, the stirrup support bars and beam bolsters.

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