Sccm client not updating

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App Enforcement State= 2007 then'Installing dependent content' whenae.

App Enforcement State= 2008 then'Restart to complete' whenae.

App Enforcement State= 1001 then'Already Compliant' whenae. Status=0 then ‘Unknown’ end as ‘Status’, case WHEN ui.severity=10 THEN ‘Critical’ WHEN ui.severity=8 THEN ‘Important’ WHEN ui.severity=6 THEN ‘Moderate’ WHEN ui.severity=2 THEN ‘Low’ WHEN ui.severity=0 THEN ‘Add On’ end as ‘Severity’ FROM v_R_System sys INNER JOIN v_Update Compliance Status UCS ON sys.

App Enforcement State= 2004 then'Waiting for maintenance window' whenae.

TYPE_DESC=’USER_TABLE’; ////////////////****************************** List of Views with fields************************/////////////////////////// SELECT TABLE_SCHEMA, TABLE_NAME, COLUMN_NAME, ORDINAL_POSITION, COLUMN_DEFAULT, DATA_TYPE, CHARACTER_MAXIMUM_LENGTH, NUMERIC_PRECISION, NUMERIC_PRECISION_RADIX, NUMERIC_SCALE, DATETIME_PRECISION FROM INFORMATION_SCHEMA. Source Collection ID ‘)’ end as ‘Type of Relationship’ from v_Collection c join v SMS_Collection Dependencies cdepend on cdepend.

Source Collection ID ‘)’ when cdepend.relationshiptype = 3 then ‘Exclude ‘ ‘ (‘ cdepend.

Server Name AS [Source DP for Pull], dbo.v_Distribution Points.

App Enforcement State= 5008 then'Failed to uninstall superseded deployment type' whenae.

App Enforcement State= 2013 then'Waiting for user logon' whenae.

App Enforcement State= 2014 then'Waiting to install' whenae.

App Enforcement State= 2002 then'Installing' whenae. App Enforcement State= 2003 then'Restart to Continue' whenae. Is Deployed=1 )then ‘Required_ITICSDeploy’ WHEN (UCS.

App Enforcement State= 2001 then'Waiting for Content' whenae.

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