Salinas california dating

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The Northern California Paranormal Investigators performed an investigation and determined the hotel is home to two other ghosts as well, and visitors can take part in a ghost hunter's tour at this location.

Tucked away within the towering redwoods of the Santa Cruz Mountains sits the Brookdale Lodge.

One of the ghosts allegedly roams this hotel is named Lyle.Northern California is a natural cathedral where thousands of visitors come to relax and escape from life, and apparently many ghosts do as well.Coastal Living rated the Battery Point Lighthouse it's 7th most haunted lighthouse in the country.The Mendocino Hotel is a beautifully restored hotel in the heart of Mendocino, a historic lumber port along the same shipping route as Crescent City.The Mendocino was opened in 1878 and was known as the Temperance House at the time.

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