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We dated for two years, right up to the time of graduation, and by then she had given me the nickname of Tonny. It was likely just a play on the letters in Timmy, and it didn't bother me.I had gotten a very good job back in Pittsburgh with a good starting salary, and Alyssa was trying to decide where to go to study for her master's degree in psychology.She also took control of our sexual life, and she fucked me for the first time only a week after we met.Having sex was all new for me, and she taught me how to be a good and generous lover.We always had great sex after her visits to the gym.

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I asked her what had her so turned on, and she said, "I usually ride the stationary bike just before I come home, and that seat pushing into my pussy for twenty minutes really gets my juices flowing.

I just love it when you eat me out after having the tip of that seat working into my fuck hole." Her crude talk always turned me on, and I gladly lay back on the bed as she removed her Lycra outfit.

She then came up and straddled my face with her muscular, sweaty thighs, and I was almost overwhelmed with the pleasant, yet strong aroma of her hairy and sweaty crotch.

And for some inexplicable and happy reason, she was attracted to me as well.

Alyssa is five feet and eight inches tall and slim built, with perfectly shaped and firm B-cup breasts.

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