Robert pattinson who is he dating

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He was not sure whether he wanted the Twilight role when he was first offered it after auditioning by performing a love scene with the already-cast Kristen Stewart; she persuaded the director, Catherine Hardwicke, that he was the actor to play the troubled vampire Edward Cullen.

“I just loved it because not only was there no one trying to find you, there’s no one there at all.

I knew within five minutes of our four hour audition I’d found the actor to play Ray.” Pattinson’s global travels keep him away from his home in London, which he isn’t too sorry about.

“I spent two months in England last year which is the longest I’ve spent there in six years, which was nice, but I always go back to England at Christmas time and get so depressed that I’m glad to get back to Los Angeles," he says. A and I guess it’s my home at the moment.” His current home is other people’s houses.

So I spent about six months borrowing peoples’ houses, which was nice.

Now I’m renting a place which is much smaller.” Pattinson laughs easily and often and is much more relaxed and at ease than in the early days when he resembled a startled deer caught in the headlights.

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