Problems with research on dating violence

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Thus, it is important for scholars and clinicians in both the physical and mental health fields to understand, further investigate, and recognize the physical and mental health effects of intimate partner violence on battered women and their children. Wolf Endowed Professor, Director of Doctoral Program, The Johns Hopkins University, School of Nursing, 1830 E.

This article reviews the pertinent research in the field and makes suggestions for better health care services for this vulnerable population.

However, generally, anything that is excited in an injurious or damaging way may be described as violent even if not meant to be violence (by a person and against a person).

found that not only the battered women in the HMO studied but also their children used health services six to eight times more often than did controls.Violence is primarily classified as either instrumental or reactive / hostile.Self-directed violence is subdivided into suicidal behaviour and self-abuse.The increased health problems and health care seeking of physically battered women, however, are well documented.Plichta found that women physically abused by a spouse or live-in partner were significantly more likely than other women to define their health as fair or poor, to have been diagnosed with sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) and other gynecologic problems, and to say they had needed medical care but did not get it.

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