Orthodox dating shomer negia

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In this frank, eye-opening book, an experienced teacher from the Discovery Seminar offers the thought-provoking Jewish perspective on this subject.Entertaining and enlightening, this work clarifies one of the least understood areas of Jewish law.

We wanted to know about his character traits, is he kind hearted? For the first few months none of the suggestions panned out.They agreed to let me to think it over and give them an answer.After giving it some thought I decided I had no valid reason to say no. A meeting was scheduled between the young man’s mother and myself. As she saw me she said: “You should know, I’m just as nervous as you”. As the conversation progressed, I relaxed and the meeting was actually nice.Being A yeshiva bochur growing up in a orthodox environment, i could never have imagined how much this book would change my perspective, my values and indeed my life.This book was a tremendously interesting and thought provoking read, touching on a topic every teen and adult has to deal with daily.

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