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Allergies Do you have any family members who suff er from allergies? Consult with your Doctor to find out if you can comfortably have any breed of dog, and to get some recommendation on the types of dog that are least likely to trigger your allergies.Routine Dogs need to be exercised, and fed every day.Activity All dogs need exercise, some more so than others. Th ink about what kind of activity level makes sense for your family.Many people get a dog hoping that they will become more active.Th is takes a heavy investment of time, particularly if you own a puppy.You cannot let your dog raise himself, be proactive and teach him how you’d like him to behave, and he’s much less likely to develop behavior problems that are difficult to resolve.

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Can someone get home every day in time to feed and exercise the dog?Lifestyle Commitment If it looks like time is not going to be a problem, think about whether a dog complements your current lifestyle.Think about what you are willing to compromise and what changes would not work with your lifestyle. You will need to understand your neighborhood’s rules regarding the type of dogs you are permitted to keep.Use the month before adoption to consider what you can comfortably off er a dog that joins your life. *Adopting a Rescue Dog Please figure out what kind of lifestyle commitments you can make will help you decide whether a dog is right for you at this time of your life, and will help you make better decisions on what type of dogs make sense for your family.Time Commitment The first step in deciding whether or not you can care for a dog is to review your time commitments.

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