Mom and son sex chat

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" "It really doesn't matter to me and it's a huge bed.

If you think it's a problem, then we can try and go somewhere else but to be honest it was a long ride and we're already here." "You're right and this isn't going to ruin our weekend.

You noticed I said first legal, not your first dink, right?

Did you think I didn't know when you used to go out drinking with your friends when you were a teenager? " I ordered a beer and mom got drink I never heard of before.

Then mom asked "should we head to the bar, so you can have your first legal drink?

As I kept rubbing I started to get more brazen and moved up to her tits and she flinched, so I stopped.

I waited a few seconds and went back to rubbing her, then I moved my hand down between her legs and started caressing her pussy over her panties.

"Okay sweetie, good night, get some rest we have a long day tomorrow." "Good night mom." A few minutes went by and she was already snoring, and I couldn't fall asleep.

Mom rolled over and draped her leg and arm across me, her face was almost on my chest.

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