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Then of course there is nyama choma - which translates as burned meat! The meat is usually beef or goat and occasionally chicken.

Kenya grows some amazing tasting fruits, plump mangoes, oranges, tree tomatoes, bananas, plums, grapes and passion fruit to name but a few.

In diesem Beitrag gibt es Hinweise aus der kommunalen Verwaltung …

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Accompanying the chai is just a hunk of bread (mkate in Swahili) and maybe a piece of fruit.

In the more rural areas youll find maziwa lala, which is a fermented milk, it is easily digested by someone that is lactose intolerant, which many Kenyans are.

Sodas are of course popular all over the world and Kenya is no exception - there is nothing better to depict modern Kenya than seeing a traditionally dressed Maasai warrior in all his regalia, drinking a bottle of soda, usually with a mobile phone hanging on his belt.

Ugali is usually served as a white stiff porridge, good for dipping in stews or making into a makeshift spoon when you eat with your hands.

Rice can be served in so many different ways, but usually it is plain boiled rice.

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