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I personally had the game since pretty much the start (got it for a crossover with TPH), however, I deleted it after the crossover was over and lost all of my progress.I got it again for another crossover with TPH and while this time I kept the game, I went on for a long period of time not actually playing it.

Imagine keeping the reins on 6 studios "From the comfort of your own home".

On a €6M production Ho BSoft can save in the order of €1M for a fee of only €200K.

See here how that can be done As a last tid-bit of info I would like to add that the production Manager Camille Leganza(Now Dream Works Redwood), who at the time was living in Turkey did about 50/50 of her time at home and in Kilkenny, however...

:-P I did use a couple of Sprinkles' images though. (looked back through the old forum pages to see if I could find anything fun) Funny how different the game was when it started. It would be interesting to find out,don't you think!

It's nice that we have such a photo oriented forum now. Yep,you are right and yes, it is the top on maya lol that's awesome!

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