Martial art dating

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I have heard stories of girls kicking lads asses but its hard to believe.If a girl has blackbelt can she really give a lad a good hiding and if so why is there no clips on the likes of youtube showing genuine female martial artist kicking a lads ass?????????However, if I was in the situation that I had no other choice but to throw down and as a black belt going for second degree...there is no doubt in my mind that I could defend myself.The last guy I dated waa rather suprized by how fast and effectively I could tap him out when he was being a brat.There must be people who have stories or girls with martial rts experience here???

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Hopefully you will all have fun meeting singles and try out this online dating thing...I have been trained to use someones size to actually help me out of the situation not having it work against me.I have trained for twenty three years in some form of martial arts and I know if I was put in a comprimising situation that I could get myself out.Randy was putting out around 2000 lbs of force in some of his seated Gn P strikes. I would not have believed that if I hadn't seen it.

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