Married dating sex

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All you need to do is understand the root cause behind why the sex has started to dwindle, and do something about it.

Firstly, don’t forget to work out and look good for each other.

Well, when you’re in a relationship with someone you love, you really can’t stray, can you?

[Read: A beginner’s guide to sexual role playing in bed] #4 Fantasize together. And at times, you meet someone or walk past someone who really turns you on sexually. Ever met someone and secretly wished you were single and could make out with this sexy person?

[Read: How to look better naked by using 15 real life tips] And once you’re done with that, use these 10 tips to make married sex feel like a one night stand! Married sex is boring because it’s easily accessible.

So find a way to get forcefully restricted from having sex whenever you feel like it, especially when you’re horny.

Always look for ways to keep sex exciting by trying something new and bolder all the time. Meet up at a club and head out to dinner, or do something both of you would like. Call yourself by some other name that your partner finds sexy, and let your partner do the same.

[Read: 50 sexy and kinky ideas to try in bed with your lover] #6 Go out on a date. It’ll remind you of the good old days when both of you would meet each other outside the house. Meet at a club, buy your lover a drink and hit the dance floor.

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