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**Nice, Sincere, Letters and Cards as well as "postage stamps" would be greatly appreciated by this inmate. I'm interested in all ages (18 ) and nationalitys'. ~Truly Yours~ Dustin**Information/Interests: Candice would love to receive nice *Cards, *Letters, *Postage stamps and "Other" nice sincere postal mail from friendly, sincere penpallers only!! Brian would like to make some new friends who enjoy conversation in general, "any race, anywhere" .NOTE: **Prefers to be called "Kirk" which is his middle name, but please ensure you use his "full name of Walter Kirk Nickless" on your envelopes. The only requirement is: "Realness", and a beautify heart. Brian would like "only" cards and letters from nice, sincere people Male or Female.Hello, my name is Michael Wagner, I'm a caucasian male, born December 23rd, 1966.I have hazel green eyes, weigh 220 lbs, Im 6 feet 1 inch tall.He is a straight male looking for female friends but I guess a male friend would be nice, too.Lalo is 6 ft tall with black hair and dark brown eyes.

Now that I've had time to calm down in here I've taken up new hobbies like drawing and somewhat starting to get into playing a guitar.

I believe he has 6 more years before he can parole but I'm not sure.

Lalo is single, never married but has 2 of the most beautiful children you'll ever meet.

His interests include reading, writing, animals (especially horses and dogs), motorcycles and receiving photographs of faraway places. :-) **Information/Interests: Brian has been in prison for over 20 years, he has a bachelors degree in Psychology, a minor degree in History and is currently involved in an Architecture program.

Is currently writing a fantasy novel and has had some poetry published. He enjoys reading, especially history and current events.

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