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Ok Cupid profiles offer a glimpse of more pragmatic, everyday ethos: how a person's general presentation or demeanor reflects an image back into the world.

Looking at their compositions encourages students to focus on how people generate (or fail to generate) goodwill, and how they convey particular values through their writing.

After students break off into groups to assess the ethos presented in the profiles they are given and write short descriptions of their candidates, then we discuss their assessments as a group.

As a follow up assignment, I ask students to go home and write their own self-summaries to be posted on the class blog.

« Voici déjà, bien-aimés, la seconde lettre que je vous écris.

Dans l’une et dans l’autre je cherche à éveiller par des avertissements votre saine intelligence,afin que vous vous souveniez des choses annoncées d’avance par les saints prophètes, et du commandement du Seigneur et Sauveur,enseigné par vos apôtres, sachant avant tout que, dans les derniers jours, il viendra des moqueurs avec leurs railleries, marchant selon leurs propres convoitises,et disant: Où est la promesse de son avènement?

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Perhaps more so than any other piece of writing, and even more so than my students' facebook pages, the self-summaries presented in online dating profiles are fundamentally arguments of ethos.A good place to start is by reading 1 Corinthians 13, which talks a lot about what love looks like.Pray: God I thank you for setting up a picture of what true love is in your word.As I pointed out to my students, the internet is very much so a public place, regardless of the sometimes flimsy, sometimes more strict privacy settings of a given website.We never really know the uses to which our words will be put, and especially when asking students to share and compose in digital spaces, it’s important to get them thinking about how online identities and compositions might be read.

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