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Let them sit beside you by all means but be aware of your own actions and only comfort them when they are quiet and/or calming down.Talk gently while praising them for being calm, giving a soft pet will help them understand you are calm and the bad noises don’t upset you.Always keep an eye on this, as it will curl up quickly and if it catches on something it can rip right off and veterinary care will be needed.Think how it would feel if you were not able to lift your arms or legs, you would find it painful to do any task. Your pet ends up being miserable all the time; until one day someone finally decides to have you groomed….Remember all training can be broken down to simple steps, when feeling frustrated stop the exercise with praise and wait for a while to pass before you continue, if you’re frustrated what must the untrained dog feel like.Let a little time go by then start playing the game/training again, please take a few steps back in the training and work your way up through the stages again, rather than trying to get them to restart from the stage you stopped at.

Suddenly she begins to run from the group, flying over the green grass, her legs carrying her faster and faster.

Don't molly cuddle your dog, remember if you pet them and talk to them you will reward that behaviour and they will repeat it every time they hear noises and fireworks.

And the last thing you want is to create a dog with severe noise phobia’s....however if you already do have a dog like this...exercise will help desensitise your dog and help bring him back to calmness.

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