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If it comes to stifling something creative, that's when I have a problem with it. But you know, a band is a good way to break up a friendship." Phrazes for the Young is released today.People putting their foot down, going, 'I don't like this' ... "Actually, people broke into my house in the middle of the night and kidnapped me." Really? Before that I would never have described myself as a Wilde fan. Does he hanker for the brooding streets of the East Village? "People think I grew up in the French riviera," sighs the singer, whose father, John Casablancas, founded the Elite Model Agency and whose mother Jeanette was a Danish supermodel.I'd read a little of him in school, I guess -- we did a bit of Picture of Dorian Gray. "It's been blown out of proportion," he says of his upbringing, which included a stint at Institut Le Rosey, the Swiss finishing school which counts the offspring of Elizabeth Taylor, John Lennon, Aristotle Onassis and Winston Churchill as past-pupils (it's where he met future Strokes guitarist Albert Hammond Jr). It's New York, we're kind of roaming around, drinking beer on stoops. Starting the band, we didn't say, 'hey, let's all put on leather jackets and pretend to be cool', you know what I'm saying?it's like, 'well, we haven't even chased the idea through'." But they're all still friends, right? his place is pretty cool," says Julian Casablancas.Many of us assumed this world of the beautiful and the famous was where he came from, not where he was going. Everyone was doing something and weren't in The Strokes 100 per cent. "Of course, there have always been five alpha males in the band.

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Did friends intervene or was the decision to go sober made of of his own volition? I saw the name on the spine and the vibe of it really spoke to me. If you associate The Strokes with a certain stripe of NYC cool -- one that involves rumpled leather jackets, shaggy hair and mirror-shades worn at all times -- it's quite a leap to picture him kicking back in sun-kissed LA. I guess it's probably what the weather in heaven is like. They're both great places, you know." In interviews, Casablancas can come off as a tad too louche for his own good. He's happy to talk about The Strokes, insisting the band is still a going concern notwithstanding the rumours of their demise that have swirled since the release in 2006 of their underwhelming third album, First Impressions Of Earth (the mediocre reviews of which had no effect on him, he says.) Nor does he get all huffy -- as he has in the past -- as the conversation strays towards his privileged childhood in leafy Manhattan.At one point, a guy carrying a skateboard and wearing a baseball cap says he loves the new stuff with the Voidz. Many early stories on the band noted that Julian's father, John Casablancas, was the founder of the massive Elite Model Management, which had supermodel clients like Cindy Crawford and Naomi Campbell. His relationship with John was contentious, and Julian was already drinking a lot by the time he was in high school, eventually dropping out."He was such a charming, larger-than-life guy," Casablancas says of his dad, who died last year. That translated into teenage rebelliousness."He was closer to his stepfather, the artist and academic Sam Adoquei, who grew up in Ghana and introduced Casablancas to the music of radical Nigerian funk titan Fela Kuti.So he took the fateful decision to go on the wagon (for the record, he isn't being coy when he professes utter ignorance of "teetotal" -- tellingly, it's not a word that crops up very often in fashionable corners of Manhattan). You know, drinking is what happens once the work is done. He and his wife of four years, Juliet Joslin, are about to have their first child."I've always worked sober," he is careful to point out. It wasn't like I would sit in my room with a guitar and think, 'hey, nothing's happening... He's tentatively started on the long-awaited fourth Strokes album (though it's far too early, he insists, to make any predictions as to what the results will sound like).

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