Joshua harris dating books

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Even if you don't agree with Harris's overarching beliefs about the meaning of marriage or the importance of gender roles, his day-to-day advice is spot on.

There's advice about communication: Not trying to read each other's minds, really listening, setting aside time to talk, talking through conflict rather than trying to avoid it.

This is the reason I originally recommended Boy Meets Girl on my post about books for couples.It also was immensely helpful for me to understand what it feels like for someone (generally a man, and specifically Mike) to have a higher sex drive than I have.Without the conversations that came out of reading this book together about wanting sex to be something always done with and for each other, I'm not sure that we would be so successful in practicing NFP together.Mike read Boy Meets Girl around the time we started dating and it caused him to give much more thought to his body and to the physical component of our relationship than he had previously.It gave us a vocabulary to discuss our physical intimacy, and we regularly checked in with one another that our physical intimacy was growing out of our emotional intimacy and not outpacing it or being an end to itself.

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