Japanese dating games in english

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The Japanese language sequel, Hatoful Boyfriend Holiday Star was released in 2013.Here's a game for players who don't feel like video games suck enough- Mister Mosquito. Mozilla Firefox Microsoft Internet Explorer Google Chrome Apple Safari Google Chrome Frame for Internet Explorer A bit of story: After I got an idea for this game I've spend many sleepless nights (none of them related to the making of the game, though).Artwork currently consists solely of snapshots from anime series, since my drawing is even worse than my writing.O_o 2016-01-09: Wow, it's alive, who could've though..Strange video games have existed since the dawn of gaming, but as they evolved from crude, pixelated graphics to slick realism, the Japanese have perfected the art of of the bizarre.

Hatoful Boyfriend is an unusual take on the popular otome visual novel/dating sim that is so popular in Japan.In Katamari Damacy you are a tiny prince who is sent by his father – an angry mustached man known as the King of all Cosmos – to recover the stars, constellations, and Moon after the King went on a binge drinking spree that destroyed the universe.To replace the cosmos you have find and roll up various objects – trash, animals and even people – to form stars and planets that are then launched into space in order to impress your disapproving father.Some indie devs make their own dating sims, maybe you can try some of their demos or something: sure if anime is your thing, but there's a really good Love Hina one for the Game Boy Advance that's been fan-translated into English.All the fun of a date sim, minus the AO-rated situations (which is either a pro or con, depending on how much you like virtual ladies). Fun facts about this game: It's made by Gainax, the same guys who made the anime Tengen Topper Gurren Lagaan and Evangelion.

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