Iranian speed chat sex

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Unmarked police vehicles prowl the streets of Tehran at night-time.

While they don't check for hashish/opium, they do have breath analysers.

As a girl, it often means that they feel responsible for you.

Responsible also means they won't let you in a situation they judge dangerous.

NOTE: In 2017 I hitched with the thumb, because several iranian hitchers told me to do so, they were doing the same.

Also I noticed many times that locals gave me the thumb as a positive gesture, for example when taking selfies.

When hitchhiking in the north of the country, it might occur that people stop just to ask if you need assistance unrelated to transportation.

Though some people (especially couchsurfers or young Tehranians) know about it, call it "autostop" or English "hitchhiking". ) otherwise you can also use the magic word salavaati which works quite good. Watch out when somebody says a ride is for free: it might in fact not be.Waiting for a ride can be a frustrating experience sometimes, but it is generally relatively easy to hitchhike here.Frustration comes when there is a driver stopping for you every few minutes and suggesting taking you to a bus terminal, and sometimes you may find it hard to explain that you travel at low budget and that you actually want to hitchhike.Violating the dress code, talking to woman in the street is no problem at all.Premarital sex is probably not ok, if you get caught.

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