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See the loves and dramas of the Greek Gods and Heroes brought to life--Achilles bandaging his lover Patroklos, Pan tutoring the beloved Daphnis--and male love found in everyday Greek life: At the palestra and symposium.

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Yeah, he may have thrown those dishdashas in the closet and traded them in for a pair of jeans, but in no way has his mind changed. Arab engagements differ from country to country so I won’t go into great detail about the exact procedures. The things above may make the Arab male seem unreasonable and make some wonder why a woman would even consider marrying one. On a positive note, when an Arab man does get married it’s almost as if he matures overnight.

I wish I had all the answers and could guide everyone off into a land of never ending bliss. Women in the Arab culture are highly respected and taught to respect themselves. Expressing dislike for certain outfits or style of clothing you’re wearing.

But since that’s not reality I’ve decided to compile a list in hopes of answering some questions. Spends every night away from his home, doesn’t answer his phone, and finally calls at 6am claiming he was at dewaniya all night. Get used to it, you’re always going to be less important than dewaniya. Having intimate relations with you then either disappearing for a few days… Being intimate with a man before marriage is almost unheard of. He believes you should only look good for him, at home, behind closed doors.

Turkish Gay Art View gay art from Turkey--illustrations from The Book of the Handsome Ones, and depictions of Keks (dancing boys) Indian Gay Art Rare Indian temple art depicting gay sex--some of the very few works that have survived the government's attempt to erase homosexual traditions from Indian history.

The term "Persian" is used as an adjective— especially pertaining to the arts—and to designate the principal language spoken in Iran.

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