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As Julie writhed, Paul found it more difficult to keep going, but her scent and taste were completely intoxicating. Julie could barely do anything; she was so overcome by the stimulation. "Enough oral, I want to be fucked." She said between moans. As Paul complied, Tom took the time to pull Julie to him and kiss her.

At Tom's direction, Paul laid down on the floor as Tom lowered Julie to him.

"The fairy godmother from Shrek 2." Julie piped up, "He thinks she has beautiful breasts. "You my dear," Tom said, gently shaking her shoulders. She will start to relax, and then..." "I love your narration," Julie said, "Do I get a say? Tom let his hands stray down Julie's back, his lips continuing to rain kisses on her neck. "Your turn," Paul didn't want this to get too personal for him yet. Before Julie could react, Tom pulled her up onto the couch to sit between his legs and began rubbing her shoulders. The other, which she likes better, is to kiss her." Tom let his lips drift over Julie's neck, using his hands to move her hair out of the way. He'd never been much of a voyeur, but watching the object of his desire become putty in the hands of another was almost intoxicating. It's more of a mental thing, I guess." "Let me show you," Tom said. "You like Julie." Paul blushed and stammered a little bit. Julie's breathing deepened as she became more and more aroused. there is some shared intimacy when you date someone, regardless of how long ago." "What intimacy? " "I just want to know." A curious epiphany occurred to Tom. To add to Julie's pleasure, Tom's kisses had turned into gentle bites along her neck and shoulder.

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