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He expertly licked her for a few minutes until Deepa orgasmed loudly on his tongue.

He was really hard by then and inserted his cock into her tight pussy.

They went into the bathroom and Raj carefully removed all her pussy hair leaving her pussy completely bald and looking real pretty.

This baby will still be OUR child and we will love it as much as our older son.Raj says she is doing fine and invites Tom over to their place for the weekend. I will take wonderful care of her." Then, he cannot not help being a little crude and says with a smirk, "In fact I will not let her leave the bedroom the entire time." They agree that Tom would arrive at Raj's farm house and spend the weekend there.Tom looks eagerly at Raj and asks whether the invitation means what he thinks it means. She is very special to me and all I want is for her to have a wonderful time." Tom cannot contain the excitement in his voice at being given another opportunity to fuck the gorgeous Indian wife, who also happens to be carrying his child in her womb. Deepa was very excited and horny all week in anticipation.She explains this tearfully to Raj claiming she is a slut to want this and hurt her sweet hubby. After all he is so charismatic and besides they now share a bond, one forged in her growing belly.The following week when Tom sees Raj, the first thing he enquires about is Deepa and how she is doing.

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